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Who we are?

Africa is the birthplace of humanity and the world’s second largest continent. Despite substantial gains in economic growth, education, and health sectors many communities across Africa still face significant interlinked challenges posed by poverty, poor education infrastructure, poor nutrition, lack of clean Water, lack of health care, and more. These challenges disproportionately impact children and youth of Africa, who are unable to realize their full potential.

Prime Foundation encourages, supports and transforms the desire to act into useful and effective actions to build a more dignified and just society. We believe that by empowering communities to develop in ways that secure their future welfare is the best support, Prime Foundation also helps in creating Job opportunities by funding commercially relevant projects through Micro Financing thus empowering the communities to be self-reliant. We aim wherever possible to support projects that have strong sustainability objectives.

Prime Foundation builds long term relationships with communities and facilitates the delivery of projects that they identify. Working in collaboration with community members, government and other stakeholders, we ensure that the appropriate structures are in place to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the projects developed.

Prime Foundation volunteers the best experts in all relevant fields. This collegial and multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to understand the basic requirements to achieve the goals of the projects in all their dimensions and to identify the best levers of action to implement the same.

Prime Foundation also contributes to the conservation of Africa’s spectacular natural environment and wildlife and development of Tourism.

Help us support the African communities while preserving their way of life and traditions taking care of the environment in all the activities and projects executed.

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Our Mission

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who
needs more helping!

The mission of Prime Foundation is to help citizens of African countries to improve their standard of living and providing equal opportunities to the people of Africa through multiple initiatives. The foundation aims to also contribute towards the environment and the local ecology of African communities keeping focus on helping children and young people, and children with special needs. The foundation uses local knowledge and community involvement to identify areas of need and subsequently implements programs to address the needs with long term solutions in mind hence providing opportunities for personal development and growth to the people of Africa.

The foundation intends to create and support initiatives that bring about positive change in the following areas:

  • Managing resources and providing Clean Water and Clean Energy
  • Building knowledge and skills.
  • Developing social and economic growth.
  • Improving basic infrastructure.
  • Improving educational opportunities.
  • Implementing better healthcare systems.
  • Facilitating commerce.
  • Help in the activities of agricultural operations.
  • Contribute significantly to tourist growth.
  • Save, restore, and promote cultural heritage.
  • Promote access to housing for the most disadvantaged.
  • Creating collaborations between non-profit organisations and government bodies.
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